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Sales Coaching

As part of our sales academy and sales transformation programmes, we have provided sales coaching for senior executives down to junior field based salespeople.

Live, field based Sales Coaching is probably the most effective sales transformation training method of all, especially when used as part of a wider Sales Academy Programme . Sales theory is relatively simple to understand but that doesn’t mean it is easy to replicate in real world scenarios. You only get a true understanding of an individual’s level of skill and knowledge when you see them work directly with prospects and clients.

1:1 training of this nature is never going to be the cheapest training option but it often provides the greatest return on training investment (ROTI). At Fruitful Selling we have both accredited sales performance coaches and are also able to provide coaching accreditations for your own staff. This helps to ensure sustainability, reduce your longer term training investment and maximise ROTI.

We have also designed our own competency frameworks and tools that can be used to assess and benchmark individuals and teams. It is important to do this regularly but especially prior to the start of any Sales Academy Programme, so you have a clear idea of specific skills gaps that need to be addressed. We can do this work for you or we can provide you with the tools so you can complete the work in house.