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Customer Service

A vital part of any Sales Academy is a Customer Service module. We believe everyone in an organisation is linked to sales performance, especially those that have direct contact with the customer.

In modern business where products and services are rarely unique it is your employees that make the difference. Good standards of customer service are now expected by all customers but only exceptional service (above and beyond) will win you more sales and recommendations. 

We build customer service modules into all our sales academy and sales transformation programmes, because when things do go wrong it is how the matter is dealt with that dictates the level of damage caused. A skilled employee that takes ownership for resolving issues quickly and efficiently will both repair and enhance your reputation in the clients mind.  On the other hand an employee that ‘reacts’ rather than ‘responds’ to a complaint will only make matters worse.

Effective communication with clients is the key skill and at Fruitful Selling we provide a range of dynamic, enjoyable customer service workshops to help anyone who connects with customers to proactively engage and promote your organisation and its products and services. This includes handling tricky situations or disenchanted existing or potential customers. To help us identify areas to improve (or reward) we can also ‘mystery shop’.