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Floyd K Ballantyne

A social sciences degree from Bradford University was fun at the time, but demand for sociologists and philosophers was thin on the ground, so after a ridiculous attempt to become an accountant with the civil service, Floyd finally found his mètier in sales.

PGL Travel, the school travel specialist was his home for many years and after various sales and marketing roles he became Managing Director for 5 years. It was here that he had his 15 minutes of fame, starring in the BBC business reality show Back To The Floor. The programme was an excuse to watch heads of organisations work back on the shop floor and make a pratt of themselves and in this Floyd didn't disappoint - being told off on the BBC by a junior staff member for repeatedly swearing in front of the children.

In between 2 spells at PGL, Floyd also worked in senior sales roles at Horizon and Thomson Holidays, where he gained an appreciation of rather more structured sales processes and the absolute need for excellent MI and control systems. Account Management was also a major feature of his time with Thomson and is an area Floyd feels passionate about.

Floyd has worked in consultancy for over 10 years and enjoys making training courses interactive and lively, whilst also recognizing that ‘effective’ is the paramount quality in the client's mind.

On the personal side, tackling triathlons, adventures races and the odd marathon are signs that his mid-life crisis is in full swing, though he does like to relax with a good book, too.