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return on investment

Our business is built on the success of our clients. So measuring and tracking return on investment in training and sales is a vital part of our work.

Return on Investment Training and Sales

We have a return on investment in training and sales model that is based on the work of the Professor Emeritus of the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick. Dr. Kirkpatrick cites 4 stages of tracking the return on investment in training and sales. We have adapted this work for training and sales to create the “blueprint” of the programme. It looks like this:

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Project Design Stages:

Implementation Roadmap:

Design Level 1: Defines what business results you want to change (volume, product, mix, margin, new accounts)

Design Level 2: Defines the change in behaviour needed to drive the change in the business results

Design Level 3: Defines the knowledge needed to drive the right behaviours

Design Level 4: Designs the right training format (workshop, simulation, coaching) to engage and make it stick

Level 1: Measures training experience

Level 2: Measures retention of knowledge

Level 3: Measures change in behaviour

Level 4: Measures impact on business results