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9 Tips for Making Outgoing calls to a Prospect
Fruitful Sellings 9 tips on how to improve communication with a prospect

1. Don't try to sell in adverse conditions. If you can immediately tell that the person is very busy, on a mobile, angry(!), in a meeting etc then stop and ask 'is this a good time or should I call back at a more convenient time?'. This can work wonders (immediate empathy and a reason to call back with a link'

2. Don't try to phone in adverse conditions. Too many distractions at your end can make things difficult (noisy office, when you don't have enough time, when you are not prepared). However, don't look for excuses!

3. Speak confidently and clearly, don't rush or gabble.

4. Look for a link. Try to identify a link - a referral, common ground, previous relationship, some interesting information gleaned from a gatekeeper, magazine or website.

5. Smile!

6. Find a 'what's in it for him' statement. Put yourself into the customer's shoes.

7. Grab their attention. The attention getter or opening statement sets the scene for the Explore phase. It forms a motivational bridge between the introduction and any questions you want to ask, earning the right to continue and open up the opportunity.

8. Be natural. Make it a conversation, prepare but don't read from a script. You must be genuine and show enthusiasm. Be human, otherwise they will feel manipulated.

9. Remember to Prepare Contact names and pronunciation Opening statement - Reason, Benefit, Structure. Previous call notes Key benefits, new products How to handle resistance