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Sales Training Videos
We have designed and produced a number of sales training videos for our clients. These are bespoke for each individual client but are an incredibly cost effective way of supporting your learning.
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Sales Transformation, Lesson One - Be sure to fight the Right Battles!
Does the following tale sound familiar? John has just taken a £5K order from an established regular client called Big Co Ltd and is delighted as the order means he will hit is target for the month. He fills in the order on the system and thinks that’s that….
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New Sales Book Review
At Fruitful Selling HQ we're not normally impressed by sales books (same old, same old...) but The Challenger Sale by Dixon and Adamson has some interesting new angles in sales transformation.
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Sellers should be pleased Buyers are Skilled Negotiators
A few weeks ago my wife said that what I did for a living was a waste of time! Her thinking was that training both buyers and sellers to negotiate would cancel each other out. The reality is there is a synergy, both buyer and seller are in a stronger position, get a better outcome and achieve a true win/win.
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9 Tips for Making Outgoing calls to a Prospect
Fruitful Sellings 9 tips on how to improve communication with a prospect
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Why Sales Mangers Should Coach
Have you ever noticed how sales people tend to reverse delegate problems? Is your inbox full of things you think your sales people could sort out themselves, if they just thought it through? Do you find yourself covering the same things more than once?
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7 Tips for Dealing with Gatekeepers
Fruitful Sellings 7 tips on how to deal with Gatekeepers...
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